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Why The "Strategy Session" Coaching Model Is Broken
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"Chris Brown is THE BEST marketer I’ve worked with to get highly qualified prospects, consistently and predictably for our coaching business. Since starting we have grown by over $100K per Month due to his lead flow." 
Tristan Bond,
HBC Group
"Chris Brown has Transformed My business and my life. He’s the most genuine and caring person and anyone who hires Chris is onto a Winner. Getting in touch with him was the best thing I’ve ever done."
Ryan Martin,
Revive Yourself
Chris Brown is one of the best coaches and marketers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Super sharp and with an ability to simplify complicated stuff. He’s helped my business grow immensely. He cares about your success. What you see is what you get a no-nonsense approach to practically everything.
Christopher Perilli,
Pixel Mobb


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